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You Can Change the World

Dr. Joe Dispenza reminds us that when we emotionally react to leaders or people in power, they capture our emotions and our attention; and by doing so, they have captured our energy. This is how people gain power over us.

Instead we can try to model kindness and compassion, so that we can inspire others and collectively move from states of fear and aggression to feelings of wholeness and connectedness.

I know that's easier said than how do we practice reacting to life in peaceful and positive ways? For me I have found that my meditation practice has been my secret weapon. My daily practice helps me to cultivate greater awareness, so that I can bring it into my life. When I can feel I am being negatively triggered by something or someone, I can then choose to do what I need to do (i.e., take a few breaths), so I can let my emotions settle before choosing how to respond. For the past 40 days I have been using @samharrisorg meditation app called The Waking Up Course and highly recommend it, especially for beginners. The meditations are short (10 minutes) and Sam gradually builds in some of the wisdom embedded in the practices.

As we come to the end of 2018 and look toward 2019, perhaps we can set the intention to strive for peace, starting with ourselves and our own minds

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