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I see you. I feel you. I love you.

Please don't try to hide. There have been a few difficult times in my life where I have wanted to hide, feeling immersed in self-doubt, guilt, regret, shame and a lack of hope. I didn't want to be seen. I didn't want to even look at myself. And one day during one of those times, I caught myself in a stare, while looking into my bathroom mirror. How sad that poor innocent woman looked and for what? Had she really done anything wrong, doing the best she could in this crazy thing called life? If she were a child, how I felt I would embrace her, kiss and hug her, and let her know how special she was and that she'd be okay. And, on that day, I chose to let go of the pain. Oh, the joy that then entered into my heart!

I never want anyone to feel the way I did during my darker days, when I doubted my self and my worth. I never want you to feel like you have to hide.

When I was in Rome, as in a lot of countries we've visited, there were many people asking for money on the street. I might not always give, but I always try to look in the person's eyes and wish them well. The other day this happened and the man asking me for money looked down at the ground, as if he couldn't bear to be seen. This broke my heart. Did he too feel like he wanted to hide? Was he ashamed of himself and/or his current condition? No one deserves to feel this way!

I want to be the person that gazes into your soul via your eyes to let you know you are seen and heard. You are important. You are meant to be here and I honor you and the miracle of your existence. Please continue to shine your light.

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