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How do I know which way to go?

I always love to be inspired by people who have lessons to share with us about how to create more happiness in our lives. For my current book, I reached beyond the spiritual books I'm typically drawn to, to a book titled Principles by Ray Dalio, an American billionaire investor and philanthropist. What I love about Ray is how clearly he's defined what's important to him in his life and the systematic way he has set out to achieve those things. Ray decided early on what was important to him, which was to have meaningful work and meaningful relationships, and put all his focus and energy into pursuing those two things. He enjoys doing the work he does with the people he loves (his journey) and says that the money/notoriety (destination) is just icing on the cake.

What are your values? Have you considered what specifically you want out of life? Once we have clearly defined our principles/values, we can then set goals for ourselves that help us determine where and how to invest our time and energy, so that we can concentrate our focus and energy on activities that move us toward the life/world we want to create. While we can have virtually anything we want out of life, we can't have everything, because choosing a goal often means rejecting some other things we want in order to get the other thing we want/need even more.

Reflect: Think about the different aspects of your life (family, health/nutrition, spirituality, financial, professional, fun/creativity, etc.). Which of your life areas are flourishing and which ones need the most work? Which aspect/(s) would you'd like to work on improving right now? Visualize what your ideal life would look like. Draft a roadmap that includes 1-3 clear, practical action steps (what, how, when) you can take to get there and start right away.

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