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Feeling the Fear, but Doing it Anyway

According to the author Osho, our fears reflect habits that have become rigid. Oftentimes we do the same things over and over again because we are afraid of trying something new. Are we afraid because our instinctual self tells us that whatever we are considering isn't good for us? Or are we instead resisting because our intellectual self tells us we should be afraid of uncertainty and change? The former is a useful outcome of fear, but the latter version just serves to keep us stuck living an unconscious life. Whenever we feel a fear arise, Osho points out that we have two options: we can choose to fight against the fear or we can take flight from the fear. To develop bravery and increase our willingness to take more risks in our lives, we can try the following experiment. For a specified and limited amount of time (that we can define based on our personal comfort levels), we can try to do the opposite of whatever we are feeling (as long as it's safe for ourselves and for others). For instance, if we feel like closing ourselves off to the people around us, then we can instead choose to open ourselves up. If we don't want to go, we can choose to go. If we want to say no, instead we can say yes. We can feel the fear and do it anyway; and then reflect on what there is to learn about ourselves in the process.

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