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Living Simply to Live More Richly

Part of what I'm noticing and love about Medellin is its tendency toward simplicity. From deciding how long to work (versus play); choosing décor for their homes and businesses; and/or deciding on what foods to prepare, the people here air on the side of minimalism. For example, many people don't work on Sundays (and some don't work on Monday either) and return home to eat a freshly prepared meal with their families; walls are painted white and decorated with plants; and restaurants promote the "meal of the day" as opposed to giving lots of choices. The Paisas seemingly have enough to make them feel comfortable and satisfied, but not too much to make their lives feel overly cluttered or complicated. In my own life, I realize that the less material things I need to buy and take care of, the more freedom and finances I have to focus on the things/experiences that bring me the most inspiration and joy, such as traveling.

What and how much one "needs" to feel happy and fulfilled is very different for every person and we must determine honestly for ourselves what is enough and what is too much. I recommend that we all take regular breaks from our daily routines/rituals to ask ourselves the following questions:

  • What are the things (in terms of material possessions, commitments, harbored emotions, etc.) in my life that most inspire me and contribute to my joy and freedom?

  • Are there other things I can let go of that are getting in the way?

  • Am I willing to take action and clean out what is no longer serving me to make more room for what is?

For this trip, David and I did not buy fancy things to travel with, we don't have any desire to stay at fancy places or splurge on fancy meals; nor do we have fancy lives waiting for us back at home; yet we still feel so rich inside being able to share this crazy, amazing experience with each other, learning new things and meeting new people in new places all over the world. #grateful

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