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Slow Down to Experience More

David and I recently saw a documentary called Given about the Goodwin family, who went on an epic surfing adventure across 15 countries to give their 6-year old son the opportunity to expand his horizons and gain a deeper understanding of life. The cinematography of this movie was spectacular and delivered a sensory experience like no other movie I have ever seen. I immediately became infatuated with this adventurous, down-to-earth family and naturally wanted to see more of their photography on Instagram (@thegoodwinway) and their social media account does not disappoint. Beyond the photography, I was drawn to the advice they leave in their profile, which says, "Slow Yourself Down, you will see so much more." I love this suggestion! If we can slow down our pace just a bit more during our days, we will see, hear and feel so much more; not only in our physical environment, but also in our internal landscapes. With our minds uncluttered and present, we can more fully sense all the nuances of the people and things we encounter. We notice their beauty and we understand more about the world around us. And with our minds uncluttered and present, we can more fully sense all the nuances of our own mind, body and spirit (emotions). We notice our own beauty and understand more about ourselves and what we need in order to be happy and thriving. What a richer experience our life would become!

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