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The Awareness Advantage

In the Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton also explains that our bodies contain receptor cells which receive external cues from our environment; and effector cells which translate the information and produce a response. Every signal produces a response and our survival depends on this process. In our lives, we depend on information to inform our actions. When we are fully present, focused, observant, curious and asking questions, we are able to perceive and absorb more information from our environment and thereby make smarter, more life-affirming decisions. It is true, as Viktor Frankl proposed, that between stimulus and response there in a space and in that space we have the power to choose; and in our choice lies our power and freedom. In order to make the best choices for ourselves, we need to be aware of external stimuli and what they can inform us. As I am venturing out to new places, I will continue to ask the locals what to do and not to do; where to go and where not to go, so that we can experience the hidden gems and avoid the hidden dangers. In Nicaragua, we received a tip from a local fisherman to visit some natural pools. Had we not asked him questions (built our awareness), we would have decided not to make the effort to climb over the many rocks to get to the pools or perhaps put ourselves in danger trying to go somewhere we didn't belong (informed our action). I believe that awareness is the secret sauce to a life well lived.

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