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Overcoming Stability to Live a More Delicious Life

In his book, Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief or "BOB") explains that all cells contain electrically charged molecules that attract or repel each other and in doing so, are able to perform the cell's vital functions. He points out that our cells are perpetually trying to achieve a state of stability. Just like our smallest building blocks, we (full humans) also tend to seek stability, forming patterns/routines/rituals that make us feel comfortable, sticking with what and who we already know. Arriving at Popoya Beach, I felt a sense of hesitation and anxiety, which is crazy because I love the beach and the ocean and knew I'd have more time to do yoga, meditate, reflect, relax and otherwise take good care of myself. I decided to investigate these rogue emotions and found that there was an underlying fear of discomfort hiding behind them. David really wanted me to learn how to surf so we could paddle out together and I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to learn. I was resistant to the discomfort that comes with the learning process, which, in the beginning, involves a seemingly endless process of trying and failing (repeat). Understanding this, I knew I would not let the fear of failure (not being enough) prevent me from the excitement of enjoying the beach and learning a new sport. It has been said that if all babies quit trying to walk after falling too many times, we'd be a sedentary species. I decided to give surfing a go and loved (mostly) every second of my experience, surfing 2x every day while we were there. Change is difficult, venturing into the unknown is difficult, learning something new is not easy. However, if we don't push ourselves to go beyond our boundaries, we will miss out on some of life's most exciting experiences. Think about vinegar and oil. Bruce points out that they are oppositely charged and therefore don't mix well together until shaken; and how much more delicious our salads are because of it. I encourage you to go out and explore, do something different, try something new, so that you can venture toward living a more delicious life.

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