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Stepping into my Power at Inanitah

When I arrived at this eco-community, I initially felt intimidated by all the beautiful, smart, talented and powerful women I encountered. I felt like they all had so much to offer in terms of life experiences and skills/talents/abilities; and I questioned whether I had anything to contribute in return. My instinct was to hide, shrink away and wallow in my feelings of shame and inadequacy. However what I learned from my experience and those young women is that I must show up confidently and authentically as my own, unique self to be able to share myself fully with others. I am me and no one else is like me. The world needs what I have to offer and I do a disservice to myself and to those around me when I shrink and play small. I choose to love and honor myself. I choose to step out boldly in to the world and offer the best of me. I don't have to be all things to all people. I must focus on what it is (my unique strengths) that I have to share. I don't need to look around me and measure myself up against others. Your gifts are uniquely yours; and mine are uniquely mine. We all are better off when each of us is shining our own light as brightly as possible. The strength of our global community depends on the well-being of each individual. It is my duty, honor and privilege to cultivate my best self in service to our world.

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