I Hate to Sound Like your Mom, but You Need to Go to Bed Now!

The bees do it, bears do it, even educated fleas do it. Let's do it...let's fall asleep! Okay, so the above actually refers to song lyrics from Ella Fitzgerald’s famous ballad, persuading us to all “fall in love” (not fall asleep). However, I think one of the best things we can do for our overall health and well-being (perhaps second to falling in love) is to prioritize enough high quality sleep. I hear you say, “But, Keri, I don’t need sleep to function. I get by just fine on my 5 hours a night.” And I would reply, “That’s nonsense, poppycock, mullarkey, balderdash...,” and that would be my way of kindly calling you out on your misperception. Unless you happen to be among the 3% (or less) o

Practice Meditation to Take Your Health to the Next Level

Just as we know our bodies need exercise to remain strong and fit, we must recognize that we also need exercises to help keep ourselves mentally and emotionally strong and fit. So many of us get caught up thinking about the past with guilt or regret. We think that we wish we “could have”, “should have”, “would have” done something differently. And, if we’re not thinking about the past, then we are often worrying about the future and how certain things might play out. No wonder we are so stressed out and anxious! The truth is we can’t change the past and we have no way to predict the future. Mindfulness-based meditations help us train our mind to come back to the present moment, where we can

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