Meditation Tip: Embrace Distractions

During meditation, distractions (thoughts, sounds, sensations will come up. Often we try to fight against them and feel annoyed by their arrival. Thoughts and other distractions will always come up (just as your lungs were meant to help you breathe, your mind is meant to help you think). Notice how you feel in your mind, body and spirit (emotionally) when you try to wish away distractions. Then I challenge you to let go of your judgments and your expectation to have silence in your mind during your practice. Let your thoughts/distractions come and go like clouds passing in the sky. Once you get distracted again, bring your attention back to your breath and continue on. If you can practice in

Let Them Be!

Sometimes when interacting with others we want to intervene with our own words and actions, telling them how we think they should feel or what we think they should do. Often times this comes from an unconscious need to feel in control and rewards us with a sense of safety and stability. We are uncomfortable with the other person's pain, so we want to take it away. I had this conversation with David (my partner) last night: K: "How are you feeling, David?" D: "I miss my parents." K: "Well, let's call them." D: "I know I can call them. I'm just letting you know how I feel." This is a simple example, but think about all the times you try to intervene in someone else's life to "fix" their proble

The Awareness Advantage

In the Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton also explains that our bodies contain receptor cells which receive external cues from our environment; and effector cells which translate the information and produce a response. Every signal produces a response and our survival depends on this process. In our lives, we depend on information to inform our actions. When we are fully present, focused, observant, curious and asking questions, we are able to perceive and absorb more information from our environment and thereby make smarter, more life-affirming decisions. It is true, as Viktor Frankl proposed, that between stimulus and response there in a space and in that space we have the power to choose

Overcoming Stability to Live a More Delicious Life

In his book, Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief or "BOB") explains that all cells contain electrically charged molecules that attract or repel each other and in doing so, are able to perform the cell's vital functions. He points out that our cells are perpetually trying to achieve a state of stability. Just like our smallest building blocks, we (full humans) also tend to seek stability, forming patterns/routines/rituals that make us feel comfortable, sticking with what and who we already know. Arriving at Popoya Beach, I felt a sense of hesitation and anxiety, which is crazy because I love the beach and the ocean and knew I'd have more time to do yoga, meditate, reflect, relax and otherwise ta

Stepping into my Power at Inanitah

When I arrived at this eco-community, I initially felt intimidated by all the beautiful, smart, talented and powerful women I encountered. I felt like they all had so much to offer in terms of life experiences and skills/talents/abilities; and I questioned whether I had anything to contribute in return. My instinct was to hide, shrink away and wallow in my feelings of shame and inadequacy. However what I learned from my experience and those young women is that I must show up confidently and authentically as my own, unique self to be able to share myself fully with others. I am me and no one else is like me. The world needs what I have to offer and I do a disservice to myself and to thos

Learning and Growth: Nicaragua to Colombia

We've arrived to Colombia to start the next chapter of our journey. I've only had this morning to explore but am already falling in love with the people, weather and simple living. I have been mostly disconnected from technology while I was in Nicaragua, but I still have so much to share about my experience living in an ecological healing center, learning how to surf at a remote beach, all the while reading Bruce Lipton's book, The Biology of Belief, which explores the scientific explanation of how our physical health (and environment) is ultimately shaped by our unconscious beliefs. I would like to share my reflections in case anyone else can relate and benefit, but it's a lot of ground

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